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Jean Van Lint grew up in a musical family. His mother, Louise Lava, was a successful 'Chanson Franšaise' singer songwriter  in the sixties and his father was a successful jazz piano player in the Belgian Jazz scene.

After a classical piano training he studied bass guitar and later he focused on the double bass. With time, he became one of the prominent bass players in the Belgian jazz-scene.

At the same time, he became a renowned singer. His 'crooner' voice blends perfectly with the groove of his bass playing. Also, he distinguishes himself by developing melodic and swinging 'scat' improvisations, while playing the walking bass.

Although he finds his musical roots in classic Jazz he also finds himself at home in more contemporary styles (fusion, pop, etc...).

He accompanied artists like Dave Pike, Leroy Jones, Phil Abraham,  Johny Dover, Charles Loos, Dany Doriz, Mark Murphy, Bruce Adams, Freddy Sunder, Tars Lootens, John Snauwaert, Dirk Van der Linden, Ivan Paduart, Roni Ben-Hur, Ben Paterson, Francesca Tandoi, a.o.

Today, he's playing a prominent role in the band "Swing Dealers" in which he is the bass player, singer and composer. Besides that, he is also acquiring a strong reputation as a singer and entertainer (without playing bass) in several projects ("Invitation to Swing", "My Tribute To Frank", e.o.).